Photo Roundup: Yes, I’m a bit behind.

Well, I’ve been a bit quiet since the Olympics. My schedule has been a bit crazy and I have been lax with the updates. Fear no more I’m back. Today’s update will just be some photos from the last weeks. As always feedback is always appreciated. Cheers.

2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver: My First Medal Event with Women’s Hockey

Well it’s been a long two weeks but I finally got to see my first medal ceremony in person. It was pretty awesome to see the athletes celebrating their win. The usual photos existed but that’s not what I want to post tonight. Something very cool happened as we were packing up for the night. …

2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver: USA Women’s Hockey Game

Just got back to the hotel from the rink. I photographed two women’s hockey games today and I’m pretty beat. Sad part is that we are just getting started with the two a days. I’m throwing up a few photos today that included a visit by US Vice-President Joe Biden. \

2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver: The Torch Run and Opening Ceremonies

Well tonight’s the night! I woke up this morning to a boat load of racket outside the windows of my hotel room. Not the usual city life stuff but blaring music and shouting crowds. Sure enough a few support vehicles came roaring by and the a woman came strutting down the road carrying the Olympic …

Super Bowl XLIV: Shooting with the new Canon 1d-Mark IV

Better late then never! I just wanted to take a break from the Olympics and get some quick photos up from Super Bowl XLIV. I managed to get a new Canon 1D Mark IV in my hands thanks to Jeff Snyder from Adorama photo. If you ever need anything Jeff is the man to call! …