Princess For A Day with Disney On Ice

Disney On Ice, For A Day Foundation, and the Children’s Cancer Center welcomed five very special little girls undergoing cancer treatment for a day of pampering with manicuring, make-up and ball gowns at the Tampa Bay Times Forum today. It’s was nice to see five little girls get to be children again.    

Space Shuttles, 5d Mark II’s and ipads, oh my!

An Apple WiFi iPad, a Canon 5d Mark II with a WFT-4e II A, a three-year-old linksys broadband router, a first gen REV. A, a Sprint Aircard and some duct tape … watch out, Macgruber, you’ve got nothing on us.  And what did all of the above give us? A camera that took wicked awesome …

Photo Roundup: Yes, I’m a bit behind.

Well, I’ve been a bit quiet since the Olympics. My schedule has been a bit crazy and I have been lax with the updates. Fear no more I’m back. Today’s update will just be some photos from the last weeks. As always feedback is always appreciated. Cheers.

Super Bowl XLIV: Shooting with the new Canon 1d-Mark IV

Better late then never! I just wanted to take a break from the Olympics and get some quick photos up from Super Bowl XLIV. I managed to get a new Canon 1D Mark IV in my hands thanks to Jeff Snyder from Adorama photo. If you ever need anything Jeff is the man to call! …

She wants a what?

My wife is technophobic. On the other hand I’m a technoholic. So, you can imagine my surprise when she announced she wants a new Apple Ipad. I can’t even get her to buy a phone a smart phone. Apple must be doing something right. Apple Launches iPad Magical & Revolutionary Device at an Unbelievable Price …