2018 Tampa Bay Lightning Playoffs


Welcome to our collection of BIG game night photographs from the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs.  And when I say “our,” you’re probably scratching your head and wondering, “Isn’t this your photography portfolio website?” You’re right, it is.

But I don’t work alone on game nights. I am fortunate to have one of the most talented and probably most eclectic staff in the NHL. Trust me, no HR department would have put this motley crew together.

That being said, we kick ice together. So, why not celebrate and share the work we do!

Sit back and enjoy a curated collection of images from all of us during the NHL Playoffs. Say hello to Casey Brooke Lawson, Mark LoMoglio, Mike Carlson and superstar picture editor Vince Del Monte. Without them, these unique Tampa Bay Lightning photos would just not happen.

You are welcome to share these photos via Facebook and the like, BUT please share a link to this page instead of ripping off the pix. Keeps the NHL and TBL happy.

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